Utpal K Dutta


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    Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - The world is family
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    The land of Dr. Zhivago
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    American neighborhood
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    London sky
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    Mountain trail in the Himalayas
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    Author training in Europe
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    Golden Buddha Songkhla
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    Miles to go

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Hop Stop & Go is a collection of real-life cross-cultural interactions and interesting episodes during the author's numerous visits across the continents. Highly readable, the stories are presented sometimes with humor, sometimes with drama and sometimes philosophically reflecting cultural aspects of each country. 

"  ​​​​​​​​The world is a very interesting place. Two entities that make the world so very interesting are people and nature. My travelogue is more about people. One of the most enriching things in life is interaction with people. It is a great learning experience that lasts a lifetime.​"
" As I ran about fifty meters, I heard the thudding sound of someone with heavy boots running behind me. I stopped and turned back. I could see a blue uniformed airport policeman running fast to catch up with me. He was shouting my name ..."
 ​​​​​" The girls had a rustic beauty about them not found in a normal city girl. One of the girls was particularly beautiful. As we looked at her she stared back. For some reason she was looking more often towards Muthu with an occasional smile on her lips. "